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Ajwa Dates (Khajoor)

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  • Handpicked and carefully chosen from the holy lands of Medina.
  • Pure and absolutely natural contents. No GMO.
  • Rich nutritive value.
  • Induce the growth of brain cells.
  • Boost nervous system.
  • A shield for your heart.
  • Improves male fertility.
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HealthyFly’s Ajwa dates are handpicked and carefully chosen from around the regions of Medina, Saudi Arabia. These dates from HealthyFly are 100% free from artificial color, flavors and preservatives. High percentage of proteins, vitamins and minerals in the dates energize your body and boost immunity. Rich antioxidants level helps in treating different skin problems caused by inflammation.  According to the holy scriptures of Noble Quran, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) advised Maryam (Virgin Marry) to eat dates to ease her labor pain. Consumption of Ajwa dates may help reducing the chances of abdominal cancer. HealthyFly’s Ajwa dates are very rich in calcium and Phosphorous that provide strength to bones and teeth. HealthyFly assures you of 100% safe and the best quality Ajwa dates filled in tamper-proof containers.


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