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Nolen Gur

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  • Naturally procured without GMOs
  • Untouched and unmixed
  • Highly nutritous
  • Ideally consumable by women
  • Boosts nervous system
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Healthyfly’s date palm jaggery is naturally procured with GMOs. Our unadulterated jaggery contains well amount of iron that prevents anemia by increasing hemoglobin level. Jaggery is very nutritious as it is rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. It works as a cleanser for respiratory tract, intestines food pipe, lungs and stomach also prevents bladder swelling and other urinary disorders. Date palm jaggery is proven to be beneficial for women’s health. Consumption of jaggery eases the joint pain by strengthening the bones. HealthyFly’s Date Palm jaggery has high dietary fiber content that helps in treating various digestive disorders also flushes out unwanted toxins from the system.


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