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Pink salt

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  • Natural and unprocessed unlike table salt
  • Rich minerals content helps in detoxification
  • Controls fluid balance and prevents dehydration
  • Help in reducing high BP
  • Helps in reducing respiratory disease
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HealthyFly’s 100% natural Himalayan Pink Salt is high in minerals like potassium, magnesium, essential sodium and 84 other minerals that are not present in common table salt. Pink salt helps to balance the ph level which helps in boosting immunity power. Adding a small amount of HealthyFly’s Pink salt can make your food deliciously wholesome. Pink salt plays a crucial role to keep your body fit as a fiddle.. Daily consumption of HealthyFly’s pink salt improves digestion and most importantly helps in reducing the chances of strokes and heart attacks by controlling the blood pressure. High mineral content in the salt may help to reduce stress and get peaceful even sound sleep.  Pink salt wipes out toxins from skin and make it softer and shinier.


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