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Tulsi Honey

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  • All kinds of chemical and preservatives free.
  • Caffein free.
  • Strong antioxidant property.
  • Cure for respiratory infections.
  • Great detoxifier.
  • Adaptogenic.
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Tulsi, ‘holy basil’ in English is being utilized since forever as a go to remedy in Indian homes for its numerous medicinal qualities. HealthyFly’s Tulsi Honey’s every ounce is filled with these healthy qualities of tulsi. Our tulsi honey helps in treating respiratory infections. Being an adaptogen, tulsi honey helps to adapt physical and mental stress. It is also preventive against stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Tulsi honey is rich in antioxidants which helps slow down premature ageing and helps in preventing hair loss. The Phytochemicals in tulsi give protection against different kinds of cancer. HealthyFly’s Tulsi Honey can be consumed by people suffering from halitosis in order to boost oral health.


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