Sunflower Oil


  • Saturated fat free 100% cold pressed oil.
  • 80% of the oil is made of monosaturated fatty acids which helps in controlling cholesterol and a good heart health.
  • High amount of omega-6 fats and vitamin E makes the oil therapeutically beneficial.
  • Act as an antioxidant in treating damaged skin cells and strengthening cell membrane barriers.
  • Gamma alpha-linolenic acid in the oil is very preventive against hair loss.

Extracted from high quality sunflower seeds, Healthyfly’s cold pressed sunflower oil has many culinary and therapeutic benefits. The oil is very rich in monosaturated fatty acids which are proven to provide protection against many health hazards. The antioxidant content in the oil act as the inhibitor of the growth of the cancerous cells. Vitamin E in the oil reduces bronchoconstriction related to asthma.The oil has anti-inflammatory property (linoleic acid) which helps in reducing the severity of arthritis. Sunflower oil is very preventive against hair loss and protects the skin from UV radiation. The oil is absolutely cholesterol free so the oil is the right choice for any kind of cooking, sautéing and garnishing.

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1liter, 500ml


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